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The Benefit Of Choosing Compact Laminate Toilet Cubicle Partitions

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With the strong structure and many features, Eterna Multi Kreasi compact laminate board is perfect for interior and external uses. The wide use of compact laminate must be toilet partition. With the introduction of compact laminates to the partition market 10 years ago,compact laminate toilet partition is always the popular partition for public bathroom.

What is compact laminate?

Compact laminate means compact laminate board mostly. Compact laminate board, also known as HPL board (high pressure laminate) or solid phenolic board, which is usually used as a decorative board that give a variety of functions in many fields. Since its workmanship and its raw material kraftpaper, compact laminate is famous for its thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and manufactur ed under high pressure and temperature.

For it’s unique design, compact laminate could be equipped with a variety of colors for selection, which is treated as one of the more strength material than normal wood. It can be used vertically or horizontally for toilet cubicle and shower cubicles, wall panelling, lab benches, tables, office furniture, lockers, kitchen set in fact almost anything. As the compact laminate is in high density and fire-proof, it is hard for a compact laminate board wasted to be recycled or let it natural degrading itself. So the compact laminate wastes needs to be collected and sent to smelting plant into industrial incinerator, the compact laminate would be burned under the high temperature of industrial incinerator.

The thickness can be adjusted according to the quantity of kraft paper sheets. In a word, compact laminate is fireproof, water proof and durable. For its unique design, compact laminate could be equipped with a variety of colors, normally more than 100 types of colors for selection, which is treated as one of the more strength material than normal wood. Solid color and wooden grain color is our professional surface processing with exquisite gloss surface, and smoothly edge, precision shape and high-performance. There are advantages of compact laminate board as follow :

  1. Compact laminate board is resistant to water, fire, scratch and impact
  2. It is easy to install and clean
  3. The color of compact laminate board is not easy to fade
  4. Compact laminate board is durable enough to be used for 10-20 years
  5. It is anti-corrosive, not mildew and no peculiar smell

The benefit of Choosing Phenolic Board

1. Strong and Durable

When it comes to toilet partition materials, we mostly recommend compact laminate board. Compact laminate board is ideal for toilet partitions thanks to its high strength and durability, design, installation and clean work management. Compact laminate toilet cubicle is tough durable products. It can take the knocks a lot better than other options, making it a smart, cost effective choice. It’s perfect for high traffic locations and because it’s impervious to water, is ideal in wet areas. It performs well in high traffic public buildings, schools, and institutional facilities. They have a virtually indestructible core, which is suitable for wet areas.

Using the right materials in public restrooms is important. Not only will the doors be slammed shut periodically, but there are other factors, like moisture and humidity, that can contribute to early wear. Using highly durable materials can help you combat the elements and the hits that partitions can take. Compact laminate toilet partition is a durable, low maintenance material and is often the least expensive choice in a life cycle cost comparison. With the special structure and strong material, stainless steel bathroom partition is durable enough to be used for 15-20 years.

2. Easy to clean

There should be a regular cleaning for toilet partition to improve durability even to keep the good appearance. The ways of partitions cleaning should vary for different toilet partitions materials. At most time, for most other toilet partitions, it is not easy to clean. But as for HPL board, it is not a trouble thing. There are four tips to clean compact laminate partition:

  • Clean with warm water and mild soap or detergent, using a cloth or sponge.
  • For stains that are not removed with the use of mild detergent, use a paste of baking soda and water.
  • The use of an abrasive cloth or acidic cleaning solution is not recommended.
  • Periodic cleaning with a furniture polish will help keep the partitions looking new.

3. Flexible design and fashionable appearance

We have a wide range color of compact laminate toilet partitions for choice, including solid color, wood grain and other special patterns. It is covering the style of concise, stylish, exquisite and elegant. We could provide digital print and engraving pattern customization as need, making the toilet partition looks like an artwork and match the different style of the whole bathroom.


PT Eterna Multi Kreasi compact laminate toilet partition has advantages of moisture-resistance, anti-erosion, fire-resistance, scratch-resistance, color steady, easily clean and environmental friendly, which make it be widely used used for school, hospital, hotel, office, airport, gym, shopping mall and other public places.

Phenolic Board (Solid Color and Wood Grain)

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Most cost effective choice.
Waterproof, fireproof and impact resistant,
with a service life of 15-20 years.